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Dear Lord,

There's a young man far from home, called to serve his nation in time of war; sent to defend our freedom on some distant foreign shore. We pray You keep him safe, we pray You keep him strong, we pray You send him safely home ... for he's been away so long.

Bless those who await their safe return.

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Bless those who serve this country well, no matter what the cost.

God, Bless America!


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:25 pm Post subject: No icon Berserker Reply with quote

Berserker Basics

 The berserker is the kind of class that gives you that and much more.
These bad boys (or gals) can take the hits and make such and shine as an amazing tank.  On top of that they can duel wield.  And let me tell you, there is nothing more awe inspiring than a plate clad warrior, heading out into battle with two massive battle axes, one on each hip, or one clutched in each hand, readied for bloodshed.

The berserker is for the strong and the brave.  Those that want to taste the battle, and feel death's insidious breath of air on their brow, just before they make that final victorious blow.

Can berserkers solo?

The berserker class has had a long and sometimes not so appealing journey through the Live Updates.  They've been over powered and then they have been nerfed, and it seems that they have finally settled into a nice well balanced groove.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that they have finally found their place as both solo'ers and in groups.  Yes, berserkers can solo.  It's actually my belief that any class can solo, some just happen to do it slightly better than others.  The key is knowing your class, knowing your skill, and knowing your limits.  With those things, one can make a very successful solo'er.

What is a berserker's role in a group?

Easy.  Main tank.  This class was made for tanking, and makes one of the best main tanks in this game.  Put on your defensive stance, and you are the brick wall that protects the rest of your group.  You have fabulous taunts and abilities that give great aggro draw, and heavy armor that protects you from the direct attacks.  If you aren't main tank, and in my opinion, on equal levels, this class makes the best main tank, then you do well as a back up tank.  In which case, you'd want to use your offensive stance, and do some damage!

What's the best race for berserker?

This question gets asked a lot, and I am of the mindset, that it just doesn't matter much.  With armor and item stats, and as you get higher up in levels, it all evens out race to race.  But, if you really are stuck on those silly stats, then the bigger, stronger races are going to make the best berserkers;.  Barbarians, Dwarves, Trolls, and Ogres.  But truly, take my advice and go with a race that you will enjoy, and forget the stats.  They really just don't mean all that much, and I have never given them a second thought.

How should I equip my berserker?

Berserkers wear plate armor.  Beyond that, wear what you can get your hands on.  The stats you are going to want to boost with armor items are strength, which is the primary stat of this class.  Aside from that, giving a little love to the stamina will boost your health pool.  As with any class, you are going to want to hit those armor quests for some nice gear.  Plate can get expensive, good plate can be outrageous.  Questing for armor gets you what you need, with the stats you need for free, plus you get rather nice experience on top of it.

Methods & Techniques

The main role a berserker will play is the main tank.  Berserkers happen to make fabulous MT, and are arguably the best in game.  Personally, they would be one of my first choices for tanking.

But there is more to tanking than your class choice.  To be an effective tank, you need to be aggressive, decisive, and very aware of your surroundings, group potential, and your own limits.  Main tanks usually end up being the group leader.  They typically decide what to kill and when, and as such, group members will depend on you to know what you are doing, and to keep them safe.  A tank that doesn't know what he/she is doing, can bring the whole group down fast.  
3.1 Tanking 101

Okay.  So you've chosen to play a berserker, so you have the basics to be a awesome tank.  The rest is knowledge and skill.  


Tanks tend to be the leader in battle.  You are the first one in, the aggressor, and the protector.  Great tanks have one thing in common, and that is the ability to make quick decisions and logical choices.  If you go running into a dungeon, whacking away at everything that comes into your path indiscriminately, your group will be quickly headed to a full group wipe.  Be wise and choose carefully.  Don't lead your group somewhere that is far above their skill level, and if you don't know the skill of your group?  Test it out and stay on the side of caution.  Because while killing mobs that seem too easy may feel like a waste of time, over estimating your groups  potential and wiping terribly, is a bigger waste of time and just causes your group to lose faith in you.  No one likes dieing.


Pulling mobs is an art form.  One that I still haven't mastered, but I'm getting there.  My preference has always been to plant my group somewhere safe, and bring the mobs to them.  This gives me a certain amount of control over my surroundings.  It's not always possible though..  Inside a dungeon, there aren't always safe spots to be.  But you definitely are going to want to clear out any mobs that path (mobs that do not have a static location, that roam an area) so that you don't have to deal with them running into your group later while you are in the middle of fighting something else.  After that, simply remember where you are and where you have been and keep an eye on re-pops.  In dungeons, you are probably going to want to keep moving along.  If you do plan on camping an area, keep your group out of traffic and spawn locations.

Another pain with pulling is grabbing more mobs than you intend to.  Those darned friendly mobs that just love to bring their pals to the party, they have killed me and my groups more often than I could count.  A little trick that I have learned in my time as a main tank, is to proximity aggro mobs that are within friendly aggro range with their friends.  If I taunt one, I'm sure to get the other, but if I slowly scoot up into aggro range of the one closest to me, more often than not, I can get the attention of just my target.  Then I simply back up to my group and taunt away once it's safely away from other mobs.  It's a nifty little trick for sure.

Aggro Control

The main job of the main tank is to take and keep aggro off of all of group members.  Berserkers have a nice range of different hate building combat arts at their disposal, both single target taunts, and full encounter taunts.  These should be used, and used frequently.  Just because you start out with aggro, doesn't mean you will keep it, so you have to keep using those taunts and building hate.  Otherwise that blast happy wizard in the back is sure to grab the attention of whatever you are fighting, and those mages go down FAST.  If you have a group member that is pulling hate away from you quicker then you can build it, there is nothing wrong with asking them to take it easy for the first little bit of the encounter while you establish yourself.  Be careful of those priests too.  If one tosses up a ward right off, they will likely get beaten a little until you can grab back aggro.

Single target encounters are cake to keep aggro on.  Generally just taunting at regular intervals is enough to keep the hate towards you.  It gets a little bit trickier with multiple target encounters.  You will have something targeted, and everyone will be assisting you, but then there will be someone putting out AoEs that may nab the attention of another mob in the encounter.  The best way to combat this is to switch targets and spread the love.  Cycle through all the targets in the encounter, and taunt each one of them singly, along with using your full encounter taunts.  This will go a long way in keeping all mobs on you, and off of that silly AoE happy backup tank Shadow Knight that thinks he can tank, but really can't.

So those are the basics of main tanking.  First and foremost, you want to have fun.  And having fun happens easier if everyone knows their job, and does their best to do it properly.  Good main tanks are remembered and sought after.  Berserkers most definitely have the ability to be great tanks, the rest is up to you to know your class and learn your skills!

Were to Hunt

I've simply gone through the best spots to level through out my own experiences.  Berserkers can start out in either Qeynos or Freeport, so the options are plentiful!  And as always, if you have something to contribute to this list of hunting spots, toss me an e-mail, and I will happily add your favorite hunting spots along with your name for credit.

Ten Ton Hammer has a very helpful Tier Leveling Guide that applies to all classes and gives wonderful advice on where to hunt for every level range whether you are group or solo!

Levels 1-10

Depending on your race and city choice, you will either be dropped on the Queen's Colony or the Outpost of the Overlord.  Each island is different, but both have a lot to offer for the early levels.  I strongly suggest one utilizes the armor quests.  They are a fun and easy way to get your noob armor and weapon, and offer some very nice experience.  I generally manage to finish these up by level 6, but it never hurts to stick around the island to do the unique collection quests, or just run around and get to know your berserker a bit.

Levels 10 - 19

Whether you end up in Qeynos or Freeport, the best place to hunt will always be the areas surround the cities.  For Qeynos; Oakmyst Forest, The Forest Ruins, and the Down Below are great choices.  These areas are specifically geared for the lower levels, so you can feel somewhat safe that you won't be running through significantly higher level mobs unaware.

For Freeport, I'd suggest the Sunken City, the Ruins, and Thieves Way.  The Ruins are a particularly nice place for grouping, with a good amount of heroic Orcs within zone.

After level 13ish, it's fairly safe to head out to the nearest areas of the Commonlands and Antonica.  You'll want to stick close to the cities at first, but soon you'll be wanting to do more exploring.  The gnoll caves, Stormhold, and Blackburrow in Antonica are great grouping spots.  For the Commonlands, the Wailing Caves and Fallen Gate are popular locations.

Levels 20-29

Nektulos Forest and the Thundering Steppes.  I personally prefer Thundering Steppes, this zone feels like it has more to offer, and I'm not big on the doom and gloom atmosphere of Nektulos Forest.  But whichever one suits your fancy, these are both nice sized zones with plenty to do.  In Nektulos Forest, I like to wander around and kill the skeletons near the Commonlands entrance for some nice solo'ing.  I'd hit the owlbears and the shrillers around the paths.  A favorite spot of mine was always Stormhold or Ruins of Varsoon (located in Thundering Steppes) at this level range.  Both are very nice spots for duo'ing, or grouping.
Levels 30-39

My favorites places for this level range are the Enchanted Lands and Zek.  There are tons on quests for both of these areas, generally found around the docks.  You can easily gather multiple quests for mobs located in the same general areas.  There is a lot of solo'ing and patches of heroic mobs that make good use of a group.  Both zones are very nice to just wander around and explore, whilst slaughtering everything in your path.

Levels 40-50

For grouping, Cazic-Thule,  Runnyeye Citidel, and Permafrost cannot be beat.  For solo'ing, I just loved the Feerott and Everfrost.  I spent a lot of time doing repeatable quests and killing along the paths in Feerott. And wandering around Everfrost killing bears, giants, and Valkyries.

Levels 50-60

To be able to progress past level 50, you will need the Desert of Flames expansion.  You can actually make use of the zones within this expansion in the mid to late 40's.  Along the beach of the Sinking Sands, there are crocs and pirates that are easily solo'able.  For grouping, the Clefts of Rujark is a very nice spot.  The lower level of the Clefts actually make for nice solo'ing, the upper levels are very much geared for groups.  The difficulty rises with each level upwards.  Taking a grouping through there with the ultimate goal of reaching and clearing Scornfeather's Roost (located on the top level of the Clefts) is an amazing way to make experience.

You'd also want to take a peek at what's inside the Pillar of Flames.  Harpies galore to solo for nice loot, experience, and faction.  Cyclops to slay with a group.  Truly, there is too much in this expansion to list.  But I assure you, that there is something for everyone.

Levels 60-70

Again, another level range that can only be reached through the addition of an expansion.  Kingdom of Sky raises the level cap to 70, and adds a plethora of new zones.  For the upper 50's and low 60's, solo'ing content is plentiful in the Tenebrous Tangle zone of islands.  For grouping, you'll want to check out the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.

Through the mid levels, the Barren Sky or Bonemire are where you want to be, with nice grouping zones being the Palace of the Awakened and the Nest of the Great Egg.

Levels 70-80

In order to make it this far, you must have the Rise of Kunark expansion! Once you get there, you'll quickly find that the zones are massive and finding a good hunting spot can be an ominous task. The devs have put in an amazing amount of quests in the newer zones so I strongly suggest taking advantage of them! In your late 60s and early 70s, you'll want to spend your time around the Kylong Plains dock and in Teren's Grasp. Mid 70s, venture into The Fens of Nathsar and Kunzar Jungle and find quests around the many outposts. Nearing 80, you'll want to visit Jarsath Wastes and check out the docks and camps.

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